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At Licoma Boats, Dolenjska c. 156b, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia
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Licoma Boats

Licoma d.o.o. company is a specialist for semi-displacement boats.

Most of us are familiar with the terms “displacement vessels” and “planing craft”.
We know that the maximum speed of a genuine displacement hull is limited by the length of the waves it generates. And we also know that the function of the nearly prismatic shape of the aft bottom of a true planing hull is to eliminate the speed barrier by creating hydrodynamic lift as water is forced underneath the bottom, to minimize negative pressure, and to ventilate the transom.

When accelerating at intermediate speeds, however, most planing hulls experience a rather pronounced “resistance hump” combined with steep trim angles and unpleasant wake wash. The consequence is that the driver normally will try to avoid the “hump” by passing it as quickly as possible either by speeding up or slowing down. However, in any chop, while running above hump speed the planing hull may experience heavy wave slamming and accelerations, and the driver may be forced to throttle back to avoid making the trip too uncomfortable for the crew.

Consequently, under certain conditions it may be necessary for planing craft to proceed at close to hump speed, which means generating a lot of waves and excess fuel consumption. Nevertheless, it is precisely the difficult transition speed range that is attractive to many people, in particular when cruising long distances. Under such conditions, boats designed specifically to operate in the so-called “semi-planing” speed range would be ideal.

We are a small privately held company fully dedicated to offer best quality:

  • Boats and Yachts
  • Equipment, Appliances and other Accessories
  • Leasing Financing
  • Registrations
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Transfers to any Marina in EU
  • Tech Support
  • After-sale Support
  • Repairs and Maintainance
  • and other services agreed with our client.

Our Mission:
It is not our mission to sell as much boats and yachts as possible.

Our mission is to provide the boats and best services for your needs. We are commited to meet and satisfy your expectations and requirements.

We believe our individual approach, custom made interior and after-sale support is a unique approach to make our mission successful.

Phone: +386 1 427 37 67
Mob: +386 41 617 006
Fax: +386 1 427 37 66

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